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WhatEye is a Commercial application developed by Softland Alfabet. The WhatEye SERVICE is provided by Softland Alfabet and is intended for use as is.

The current document has the purpose to explain to our users our policy regarding the use, collection and disclosure of information (personal and not personal) provided by the users of our application/service.

In order to use the WhatEye service/application, every user must agree to the policy described in this document regarding the collection and use of information. The Personal Information collected by this application is meant to improve the service we provide to our customers. The information you provide will only be shared with third parties as explained in this Privacy Policy Document.

The information provided in this document is also included in our terms and conditions document, accessible at:

In order for any user to create an account with our application/service, said user must also fully agree to the terms and conditions document specified in the paragraph above.

Information Collection and Use

In order to provide a qualitative user experience, we may ask you to provide some information that can be seen as personally identifiable, including but not limited to: name, email, phone number, physical address. This information/data will be stored on our servers for the entire duration our customers use our service. The information will be used as per the terms contained by this document. All the information we store about a specific user can and will be permanently deleted upon direct request by said user.

Our application uses some third-party services that can/may collect information/data that can be used to personally identify you. The link to these third-party privacy policies are listed below:

Data logging

Please be informed that by using our service you allow us to collect certain data (sometimes through third party services) about your device/phone/computer/tablet. This is called LOG DATA and is meant to help us identify certain problems with the app installed on your device in order to provide you with a better experience. This LOG DATA contains and is not limited to the following: device settings, operating system settings and version, application settings and configuration, IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, time and dates of certain actions performed by you and other statistics.


Cookies are small, encoded text files that help the browser navigate through a specific website. The cookie file is generated by the site you are browsing and is accepted and processed by your computer's browser. The cookie file is stored in the browser folder.

Your browser will access the cookie file when you visit the website that created the cookie file. The browser uses the information stored in the cookie file to facilitate navigation of the website by allowing you to automatically log in or remember the settings selected during previous visits to the site, among many other features.

Any specific website can not access information on your computer except for cookies that you have configured on your computer. The cookie is not an executable code. A cookie can be used by the website that created it. As explained above, such use is limited to helping your browser process the information found on the website.

In the WhatEye app and website we use our own cookies for the sole purpose of improving your user experience. The WhatEye website and app may also use third party code and libraries that use “cookies” to collect information. You can accept or refuse these cookies and know when a cookie is being sent to your device. If your decision is to refuse our and/or our third-party cookies, you may not be able to use some features of this app/service/website.

Service Providers

Our app/service/website may use third-party services provided by companies and individuals in order to:

Please be informed that these third parties will also have access to your personal information in order to provide some services on our behalf. They are also obligated to keep your information private and not disclose it for any reason unless specified in their own privacy policy. You can find the privacy policy of these third-party systems that we use here:


We know that providing personal information is a sensitive thing. We do our best to use the best available solutions to protect it. We cannot however guarantee for information safety of other software systems or internet communication protocols that you use in conjunction with our app.

Third-party Sites and Links

This Service may contain links to other sites. If you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to that site. Note that these external sites are not operated by us. Therefore, we strongly advise you to review the Privacy Policy of these websites. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services.

In order to use our service fully, you may need to access the websites of our partners, that facilitate third-party services to us. All these external sites have their own Privacy Policy documents, which you must read and agree to fully in order to use their services. We do not assume any responsibility for the policies and content of those external (third-party) systems and sites.

Children Privacy

Our services are not intended for children under the age of 13. If we find out that a child of age less than 13 has been using our systems or any data related to a child younger that 13 has been accidentally collected by our systems, we will immediately delete all that information. If you are a parent or guardian and you suspect that your child has provided personal information to our app/service, please contact us immediately and we will do the needed in order to protect this individual's full privacy.

Updates to This Document

The contents of this document may be updated periodically. Please consult this page frequently and consult the changes we may perform. We will notify our user for new changes by posting a new revision date at the bottom of this document. All the changes made by us have full effect after being added to this document.


Please contact us for any concerns, questions or suggestions, or anything related to this document at our email address:

Document Published

2019, february 8th